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November 8, 2024 | Tokyo, JAPAN

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ABOUT Science to Startup (S2S) Japan

S2S JAPAN is a program to develops translational plans in collaboration with US investors to develop therapeutics based on technology seeds of Japan’s top researchers in the life sciences sector. It features an invite-only symposium where presentations are made to investors, pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, and university affiliates.

S2S was initiated in 2018 by leading investors based in Boston, aimed at sharing know-how for commercializing academic technological seeds into pharmaceuticals through startups. It operates as a social contribution activity with the goal of sharing this expertise with researchers worldwide. Top researchers from around the globe have participated, expanding their networks with management talent and investors, leading to the creation of over 13 startups. S2S JAPAN is operated in coordination with the organizers of S2S.

WHY S2S Japan?

Japan is home to numerous world-class science with the potential to save many patients. However, the ecosystem for developing these technology seeds into pharmaceuticals through startups is not sufficiently established. On the other hand, the United States has an advanced ecosystem that enables the rapid development of academic technological seeds into pharmaceuticals.

S2S aims to contribute to the development of Japan’s ecosystem by offering applicants the opportunity to gain know-how from top-tier U.S. venture capital (VC) firms that enables the aforementioned process, and by providing them the chance to communicate their technology commercialization ideas to investors and pharmaceutical companies.

  • 目標のアイコン

    Individual sessions
    with top-tier U.S. VC

  • ボードのアイコン

    Presentations at symposiums
    attended by investors,
    pharmaceutical companies, etc.

  • 吹き出しのアイコン

    with symposium participants

Prof Suetsugu Masayuki, Rikkyo University
By founding Oriciro Genomics, we have made significant strides toward rapidly transforming our academic research into practical applications and delivering medicines to patients. I hope Science2Startup will offer academic researchers, who aim to have a societal impact, various options for technology translation.

Prof Suga Hiroaki, University of Tokyo
In order to create biotech startups from Japan that will develop into global businesses, we need to foster startups which will be invested in by overseas VCs. I would like to support Science2Startup Japan and hope many startups are created and obtain the global market in the future by utilizing this program.


  1. May 27, 2024*
    *Submission cutoff
    1st proposal submission

    Academic researchers are invited to submit a one paragraph of their ideas

  2. June, 2024
    2nd proposal submission

    A subset of the researchers will be invited to submit a short slide deck

  3. Aug, 2024

    A subset of the researchers will be invited to an interview

  4. Sep, 2024
    Finalist selected

    Selected researchers will be invited to give a talk at the S2S Japan Symposium

  5. Sep- Oct,
    Mentorship program

    Each presenter will work with matched advisors to refine their ideas and final presentation

  6. Nov 8, 2024
    S2S Symposium

    Full day event with presentations and panel discussions




Submit your ideas with one paragraph with following. Please only submit non-confidential materials.

  • Therapeutic concept and underlying scientific basis

  • Competitive advantage over other approaches

  • Current stage of research and development

  • Ask for investors

Detailed guideline for applications is available here
We look forward to ideas that will lead to innovative therapeutics

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AN Ventures is a founder of S2S Japan.


AN Ventures, CIC Institute, UTEC, Delight Ventures, and LINK-J are the Platinum sponsors of S2S Japan.